Successful people know who they are.

They know why they are here.

They know what to do next.

This Book will show you the three things that successful people know

Part 2 Why am I Here 
9. Why Here?
10. Called 
11. Training
12. Passing the test 
13. Forgive others
 14. Removing strongholds

Part 3 - What do I do Now? 
15.     Vision 
16.     Passion 
17.     Naming Your Future 
18.     Discipline 
19.     Goals 
​20.     Focus 

Part I Who Am I ?  

​​1.  Deep in the Heart 

2. Where have I been? 

​3. knowing God

4. The True Father

5. Motivation

6. The role of the Holy Spirit

7. Identify Your Values

8. Find Your Gifting

About the Author

William F. (Bill) Johnson is an award winning writer specializing in the fields of Christian leadership and discipleship. In the early 1980’s Bill left his successful career as an executive in industry to use his gifts and talents in service to the Lord. ​He continued part time as an engineering consultant in order to finance his seminary training and ministry activities. 

He served as Regional Overseer for a national renewal ministry, and as a church consultant. He then became a pastor, church planter, and mentor to pastors and leaders. In 2001, Bill and his wife Rita founded Aslan Ministries, a non-profit ministry devoted to encouraging and equipping the church and its leaders to fulfill their God-given destiny. Together they have developed and taught dozens of classes and workshops in discipleship, leadership, and ministry. They have travelled extensively teaching throughout the US and several foreign countries. 

Excerpt from "Destiny"

“Deep down inside of most of us lies a hidden desire that is stuffed away, that we are afraid to even think about, let alone ever attempt to achieve. We have so suppressed our dream that we often do not even remember that we ever had one. We bury these dreams for a number of reasons: we convince ourselves that it is only a childish dream, we believe that it is too incredible to even consider, we are afraid to hope because we are afraid we will fail, and we do not want to be disappointed again, or people will laugh at us. So we stuff the dream, and convince ourselves it was mere foolishness to even hope.“

Live your life  with purpose

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Table of Contents

Some people make life happen.

Others just let life happen. 


Some just ask, "What Happened?"