Why is it hard to get volunteers?

Why do I have to do everything myself?

Become the leader others want to follow.

You Can Become:

  • the leader that others want to follow and support.
  • the leader your people need.

Learn the six steps to ministry’s financial health. 

This is not a book on handling finances. It is a book about leadership and the role it plays in the area of finances. Successful leadership principles are illustrated through real-life accounts and biblical principles. The material presented is the result of over 30 years of successful leadership in the church, and industry. 

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Excerpts from "Leading Your Ministry to Financial Health"

After spending half of my adult life in the business arena, I can look at the church and say, “This is no way to run a business.” Now, after spending the second half of my adult life leading churches and ministries, I have to say, “Churches and Christian ministries are not businesses and should not be run in the same way businesses are run.” 

.......The problem is not the lack of resources. Our God does not need money. God does not need our money, He is wealthy. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; every animal in the forest is His. God’s resources here on earth are often in the hands of His people.  If the issue is not lack of resources, what is the problem? There are at least three possible answers; lack of a large enough vision, lack of God’s support, or failure to communicate."

.......The financial health of a ministry will be enhanced when the leadership maintains a
model of integrity and generosity while casting a worthy vision. The vision cannot be based alone upon the capabilities of the leadership, but must include the intervention of the Lord in order for it to succeed."