Live a life  of purpose

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Who Am I?

  • Deep in your Heart 

  • Where have I been?

  • Knowing God, the True Father.

  • Motivation. 

  • Your Values. 

  • Your Gifting. 

Part 2 - Why am I here?. 

  • Where am I?

  • Calling. 

  • Training. 

  • Testing

Part 3 - What do I do now?

  • Vision. 

  • Passion. 

  • Discipline. 

  • Goals. 

  • Focus. 

God has placed a deep desire in your heart to become that for which you were created. You have been prepared for this particular moment in time. 
Now it is time to overcome your fear, the delays, and the difficulties that have held you back.

This book, by award-winning author, William Johnson provides a guide to determining what you were created for, and a plan for you to accomplish your God-given purpose in life. It combines scripture with practical applications whereby you can examine where you are today, where the Lord is leading you, and how you can achieve your unique destiny. 

This is an interactive book where the reader must respond to the lessons to achieve maximum benefit.​