Another reader wrote: "This is a great book! The author has great insight ........... The author uses real world examples that are relatable and are sure to be internalized as well as shared with others. ........ A good read.."

A Pastor wrote: "The Lord's timing is perfect. Your book arrived at just the right time when the blessings and treasures it holds were so needed. I could not put it down"

Readers are saying.

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"Physician, Heal  Thyself: 

The Oxygen Mask Principle."

Table of Contents
1.   The Oxygen Mask Principle. 
2.   The Challenge of Ministry. 

3.   Burn Out and Wounding.

4.  Attachments and Transferences. 

5.   Judgments 

6.   Adultery &  Spiritual Adultery. 

7.   Wounded Spirit 

8.    Compassion fatigue. 
9.   God’s Immutable Laws. 
10.  Forgiveness. 
11.   Intercessory Prayer. 
12.   Spiritual Hygiene. 
13.  Conflict Resolution. 
14.  Job Description.